Roger Mayer’s Aurora Superman


At 11 years of age in 1964 I almost begged my Mother to buy me the Aurora Superman Kit as soon as it was available after seeing the ad in a Superman Magazine. That very model I had built as a child eventually ended up in flames in the back yard with the rest of my Aurora collection of kits when I left my childhood behind, not knowing then how valuable these items have become over the years. I just went through my teenage life destroying or giving away all of my Superman Collection at one point or another. (Comics mostly)
However at the grand old age of 57 and a bit more time on my hands I decided to start my collection once more!..after 3 years I now have all my comics back and at the more mature age of 60 I decided to replace the ashes of the Aurora Model kits I once owned with either originals or reproductions that have since been released.
The photos I have here is of an original Superman Aurora Kit which I had purchased from an auction site last year (2013) in the U.S. which I had recently built up with a bit more knowledge than I had as a youngster. I began to spray the parts with primer and then added a white matte acrylic top coat. The acrylic colours were applied either by brush or sprayed from a can after carefully masking the certain areas that didn’t require painting. At first I painted the ‘S’ Shield on the chest and cape by hand, but it just didn’t look right and was a bit rough, so I decided to download and print off some decals of my own and fix them in place making sure (With a little computer trickery) that the chest insignia was a little ‘askew’ because of the ‘Stretching’ of Superman’s uniform as he throws his mighty arm through the wall. The belt was made from coloured cardboard to give a 3D effect. After seeing other similar Superman models pictured on this site, (Which are Brilliant) most of them were (To me anyway)..’Too Clean’. If anybody was to knock down a wall surely there would be a little more than just a bit of debris at the front of the building!….So, with the aid of some ‘Stone Textured Spray’ I created a little ‘dust’ to the brickwork and flooring (Also a bit on Superman’s fist and forearm) to complete the overall effect with finally sealing the whole model with a lacquer spray.

Roger Mayer

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  1. Thanks for sharing. A terrific build, brings back a lot of memories. The original comic book at sent a charge through me and it was one of the “must-have” items of my youth. I saved up the 98 cents plus tax and waited for them to come to the local outlet.

    The original one had the “S” diamond symbol cut into the piece, the later kits had a decal.

    I also made one into a very dashing figure of the Silver Age Green Lantern. Later I began making one of Captain Marvel, but did not finish it.

    Thanks, again.

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