Rodolfo Dellibarda’s Daredevil


This figure was modeled in Supersculpey, in scale 1/6. It took me a week to model it and two days to paint it. It has a wire skeleton, then I built it up with aluminium foil and I applied the supersculpey over this.

First I modeled the naked figure to achieve the correct position of the muscles, and then I applies a thin supersculpey layer to work the clothes, the wrinkles and the details of the leather. The face, the hands and the boots were the last modeled and what I spent more time on them since it is focus of the attention.

It is painted with acrylic paintings and it has a semi-matte varnish dull to achieve the shine of the leather.  The whole leather suit is colored with a pollyurithane sponge painting to flicks to achieve the texture of the leather.

Rodolfo Dellibarda

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