Richard Travers Hulk vs Thing

These are a couple of the $3.00 Toybiz kits. There’s nothin’ better than walkin outta ToysRUs with a couple of $3.00 kits and sprucin’ ’em up so they look like a $100.00 statue. These were both painted all black and then dry brushed for effect.

I bought the base and did’nt know what exactly I was gonna put on it until it hit that it would make a nice setting for a classic Hulk/Thing battle. Then my wife started crackin jokes about the two of ’em dukin’ it out on a gothic base (I think she had plans of her own for the base)….

Is Sandman gonna referee? Maybe Death could date the loser?…Anyway, I yanked ’em off and put them back on their respective bases, but I still got the photos of The Hulk and The Thing battlin’ it out in Vertigo land.

Richard Travers

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