Ricardo Salamé Páez’ Alan Shepard

Here I have a few pictures of my 120 mm Alan Shepard from Reheat Models. I modified a few details, like the OPS. Check list in the cuff. The hosts connections an the RCU unit in the chest. I also painted the visor to simulate the reflection of the lunar terrain. I was inspired by the book by Alan Bean “Apollo”.

I wanted to have Alan Shepard sign my model, but were he travels, No man has come back and this is no good form me. Because of this I scanned the signature and made my own plaque. I redid the chest connections because the instructions havet it wrong. I also made my own set of decals, because the kit doesn’t have any

Ricardo Salamé Páez



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  1. Excellent job. Terrific presentation. Mr. Bean would be pleased to see it and sign it I’m sure.

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