Rafael Barreto’s Movie Jupiter 2


As you can see after I have painted part of the model. I began with the main engine piece, using Blue LEDs from Radio Shack, making holes in the engine part and using scotch tape as a light diffuser. The LEDs are connected to a resistor and powered a 12 volt battery adapter. I used aluminum foil to make the enclosure of the engine lights.

Rafael Barreto

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  1. Hi Rafael,
    I just came across the model of Jupiter 2, with LIGHTS.
    FANTASTIC! I understand that you assembled this model some time ago, but I was wondering if you could give me a bit of guidance?
    I just purchased this model and wanted to add lighting as you have done. For all I’m fairly new at this model making, I’m sure I could add some LCD lights, but my question is:
    Presuming you store the battery in the casing, how do you access it to renew?
    Have you left the hull in 2 parts, upper and lower?
    Well Rafael, any info you can pass on to me would be great.
    Thanks for your time and Cheers

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