Paul M. Newitt’s JAG Biplane

This is not a Sci-Fi model, but it is a Hollywood prop…..a small “claim to fame”. Here are a set of shots of the yellow Stearman biplane I made and painted for the TV series “JAG”.

Harm’s Stearman biplane is here in about 1/32nd scale in all it’s glory. Exact decals and paint to match the same “real” plane used on the show.  A long time friend, Geoffrey Mandel was head of graphic design then, and he and the set designer asked me to make this plane for Harm’s office.

The base is a piece of rough black slate tile, trimmed with 1/4″ angled brass, mitered to fit, and the support rod is actually two brass tubes, slid together to hold up this plane.  The hole in the bottom of the plane allows for it to be angled in any direction, at the discretion of the set designer (up, down, sideways, etc..). It’s a real classy setup.


The first two images show the model at my home, shot on the backyard fence, finished
and “ready to fly” to Hollywood.


The plane as seen on Harm’s bookcase (his old office, two seasons ago).  I’ve been told that Donald Bellasario loves it so much, he puts it on his own desk during haitus

— Paul Newitt

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