Owen Winder’s Section 31 Stealth Vessel

This is my take on what a “Section 31 Stealth Vessel” may look like; I decided to use (what I think is) the coolest Trek ship for my custom.

I took the basic AMT/ERTL USS Defiant kit; than went to DLM and got the lighting upgrade parts for this kit.

I started by dremelling all the areas to be lit. ( The dorsal vents were pretty difficult) I decided to have the ship retain its basic shape… just shake things up a bit with the hull color and a few “add-ons”.

The hull is completely airbrushed with varying shades of Model Master Metalizers… the main hull color is Aluminum. I borrowed some appropriate decals from other kits….. and used a few parts to add on from other kits as well; To give the ship the look that this isn’t your run of the mill Defiant. I think she looks pretty stealthy looking… and am overall pleased. I dint give it a name or registry because of it being a Section 31 ship

Owen Winder

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