Orne Montgomery’s Refit Enterprise


This is one of the Ertl non-smoothie USS Enterprise kits, and I built it in 1987.

One-quarter Aztec templates for both the upper and lower saucer panels were cut out and taped to the saucer – painted with a white base coat – and airbrushed with camouflage grey, then lifted off and moved to another section of the saucer until the entire saucer surface was completed (the entire paint scheme was completed in an hour). However, the Aztec panels were a little too stark in contrast, so I gradually layered weathering over the saucer until it matched the engineering hull and warp engines. The various tiling of these were patterned on the grid-work visible on the Kimball cutaway movie poster.

Weathering was airbrushed and wiped on with dry pastels. Windows and ship-lighting are painted. The gridlines were scribed with mechanical pens. The paints were standard enamel finishes; the clear coat was a special brand of spray paint I bought at the time which wouldn’t make the ink-lines run, but is no longer available.

Orne Montgomery

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