Orlando Guiang’s original Galactica

from 2003


No matter what one might think of the show, it definitely had some very cool miniatures. One could sure see the influence of John Dykstra and company especially when you compare the Viper to ships that fly around in a certain galaxy far, far, away.  The Galactica itself was unique. Literally a flying aircraft carrier, the battlestar represented the backbone of the Colonial fleet. Although the fact that 6 battlestars seemed to be their only line of defense seemed a little odd to me.

The only kit we had available to us sci-fi modelers was the Monogram model, which was re-released about 5 years ago. This replica was constructed from that kit. The biggest disappointment for me was the extreme lack of detail on the sides of the ship. They did a decent job with adding detail on the top and bottom of the ship but for some reason stopped short when it came to the sides. I, however, wanted to try to add more realism to the kit by scavenging parts from a USS Missouri model. After all, that’s what the pros do. As you can see it turned out fairly well. Using pics of the actual miniature as a reference, I tried picking pieces that had some resemblance to those on the original model. It really wasn’t meant to be an exact rendering. The parts filled in the large gaps of detail quite nicely. I simply picked parts that I thought would look good, trimmed them with the ol’ Xacto knife and applied them to the model with liquid cement.  The model itself is painted with Testors flat gray, I can’t remember the exact name. Pastels were used to add some weathering.

Orlando Guiang

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