Orlando Guiang’s Battlestar Galactica


Over 1.150 individual decals, that’s how many are on this model. I purchased this kit and the decal sheet over 2 years ago. When I first received the Paragrafix Photoetch and Decal set I was so excited to get started but was soon overwhelmed by the amount of time it was going to take. Each individual decal has to be trimmed and applied. After several attempts at getting started I shelved the model and thus it sat there ever since. A little over a month ago, I was in my garage and came across the kit. After looking it over again, I decided I would make a concerted effort to finish the thing. So I began with applying 10 – 15 decals a day. Luckily a good portion of the mid section was already completed. I kept to thangis schedule for a while but the more I saw light at the end of the tunnel, the more determined I became to finally finish it and stepped up the pace.

So here is my Moebius Galactica in all it’s glory.


There wasn’t much to painting this kit. I simply used Testors Metalizer Steel as the base coat. Painting the central rear engine section was a little bit more involved. I found Liquid latex helpful with keeping the exhaust ports clear.


Decal Application

The decals were applied to each section separately starting with the mid section, the forward section, the pods and finally the engines. I brushed on Micro Set before and after laying them down. Then used Micro Sol solution on each decal to help them stay in place. A sealer was then applied as each section of the ship was completed.


Other details.

Further details were added with the use of the Photoetch set available here at CultTVman. This metal detailing set includes the interior flight deck girders, the museum windows for the starboard pod, laser turrets and the nameplates. The girders look great but unfortunately you can’t really see them unless the model is lit which mine is not. The museum windows, however, add a very nice touch. When the model was assembled, I applied a dark wash along most of the raised areas such as the detailing near the engines, support pylons and so forth. I purchased an already made Black Shade wash by Acrylicos Vallejo that I found at my hobby shop and this worked quite well. A final sealer coat was applied afterwards.

I have to say that although application of the decals was tedious and time consuming it wasn’t impossible to do. You just need to keep at it. In the end I think they add such a high level of detail that it far exceeds what you can obtain by simply painting the ship, although I wouldn’t blame anyone for taking the less complicated route. Overall I’m very happy with the way it turned out but I can safely say I won’t be attempting this type of project again anytime soon.

Orlando Guiang



  1. Absolutely Fantastic Job. Two questions, What scale is this one, and where did you get the decals as I may be interested in some for mine?

  2. Hi Daveran, thank you for your kind comments. This is the Moebius Galactica 1:4105 scale kit and I purchased these decals from culttvman’s hobby shop. You may want to contact him directly if you have questions about their availability.

  3. Great job Orlando, do you live just 50 miles east of me (Orlando, FL)? LOL Those decals were a bear weren’t they but what a great looking spaceship when it is all done makes it worth while. I did mine the same way and usually did 1 to 2 hours of work at a time and then I would leave it for a few hours. I like the photoetch parts too but didn’t know about them when I did mine. And I got a merit award at Wonderfest, a second place at Jaxcon 2012, and a third place at IPMS Spacecoast 2012 as well. I know yours would win some prizes if you ever chanced to enter it in a contest. Again, great work.

  4. Rkoenn…..sorry for such a late response. Thank you for all the compliments. Yes the patience and time it took to put hese decals on was well worth it. If you just do a little at a time, it’s manageable. It gives the model such great detail that it would be hard to match otherwise. I started the project a while back and made the mistake of gluing the middle section together at the beginning. Not sure why I did that but had I left it unglued I would have attempted to light the kit. As for Wonderfest, it would be fun to go to. It’s too bad it’s a long trip from San Diego where I live (not Orlando, Fl LOL).

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