On The Bench 9: Kevin Graer’s Enterprise E

From 1998:

More photos this week from Kevin S. Graer. Kevin is “working on lighting the 1701-E with LightSheet’s, Fiber Optics, and LED’s.”


Nacelles lit only with RED LED (This is a rough look of how it will look, I plan on diffusing the light with a lighting Gel, and the clear pieces will be painted flat. I just ordered the Blue LightSheets so I was unable to show you how that will look).

Lighted Nacelle, The pic shows a Red 10mm LED that’s going to light the Ramscoop. It’s hard to see in the picture but the whole front noses glows. The final product will have a white diffusing paper or film in front of the LED, and the clear parts will be painted from the inside with a flat base creating a soft even red glow.


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