On The Bench 82: Enterprise B/Excelsior Project part 10 by Don Matthys

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Completion of the pre-painted and decaled parts can now be done. First the parts of the Warp Engines are glued in place with a thin application of the gap setting super glues. (Non-runny types)

Note: the color of the clear pieces of the top of the Warp Engine were painted with a light thin even coat of Testers Light Blue (gloss). The LightSheet will still shine trough. the portions of to the side are painted MM Steele Gray (opaque coating)

The Warp Engine assembly is hooked up at the Scale Shop Gold Connectors. Gap filling super glue sets the assembly in place.

The Primary Hull is hooked up at the Gold connectors and the Primary hull is glued into place


I like to construct my Star Ship display stands that feature electrical hookup components and a switch enclosed into an attractive wooden case. The wood case are from craft stores that have unpainted wood boxes and plaques. I cut holes into the boxes to accomidate a power plug, switch, and brass support tube and a power jack that will hook into a AC power supply adaptor.

The power plug that goes into the model is wired up and run through the tube. (I used heat shrink in the center positive lead connection to prevent a cross [short] circuit) one lead (positive goes to the switch. The other lead Negative goes to the power jack. The radio shack plug used is hammered into the tube and crimped slightly to seat into the plug threads.

I stain them a black walnut color and spay paint them with a clear polyurethane coating. I repeat the coatings several time with wet standings in between coats. When dry the wires are hooked up and soldered. Then the base is assembled with screws and 5 minute epoxy.

The now completed model is mounted on the stand. AC adaptor is plugged into the house current and the switch is thrown and…


part 11 has  the final completed Excelsior

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