On the Bench 79: Lez Cook’s Lightsabers part 2

from 1999

Back to Lez Cook this week for a look at the lightsaber’s that he has been building. WE first looked at these a few weeks ago as construction began.

Here’s a bit more on the manufacture of my Graflex replica. This section details how I went about recreating my replica graflex button. Not having been able to find anything suitable in any of the local hardware or electrical outlets, I decided to have a go at making my own, this meant sacrificing one of my aluminum drifts, I would have liked to have made it out of stainless steel but I knew that the tool I would use to cut the splines would not be up to it.


In order to cut the splines I clamped the drift in the lathe chuck and used the saddle to traverse the tool along it’s length rotating the workpiece about 2mm every cut.


I then used a large reference photo from ebay and a parallel parting tool I ground up to copy the profile of the button gauging the measurements by eye.


And a taper turning tool to form the internal convex.


As our late has no screw cutting facility I used the coarsest feed to cut a semblance of a thread, which I then opened up and deepened with a three cornered file.


And here is the finished product.


It just remains for me to find something with which to make the button, although I think I might end up colouring and casting either some fiberglass resin or araldite to get the colour match for the dark red, we’ll see.

Here are a few more images of turning the metal on a lathe to make the sabers.

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