On The Bench 7: Ken Huegel’s Enterprise

Digging in the depths of the hard drives, I was able to track down this page from 1998.  It’s one of the first On The Bench pages and the oldest one that appears to survive.  The first 6 installments of On The Bench are either long lost, or were moved to other sections of the site.   Even the Way Back Machine website does not go far enough back to have the content.   Back in the early days of the CultTVman website, the page was hosted on AOL and had a 2mb limit on content.  I was able to use 5 screen names, and boost that total to 10mb.   That was the days of tiny pictures and very slow phone connections.  

We have all seen Ken Huegel’s wonderful Ultimate Nacelle from a couple weeks ago. Here is a glimpse at the engineering hull that goes with it.

He refers to this as his “Holy Hull” if for no other reason than the sake of a bad pun!

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