On The Bench 64: Enterprise B/Excelsior Project part 7 by Don Matthys

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Installing the LightSheet into the Warp Engines:

The LightSheet which is 1/2 x 8 inch in length was trimmed about 1/16 inch from the width. This will let it slip into the groove of kit parts #100 and #101. For further protection from moisture I also wrapped clear tape around the Lightsheet and the connection points. (Should I wish to wash the models in the future for cleaning or wet sanding during painting.)

The LightSheet is placed at the bottom of the Warp Nacelle.

Looped over and slotted down the groove of parts #100-#101 and left set in place

Next parts installed for lighting purposes is the Planetary Sensor Array Spotlights (small clear resin pieces). these are white glued inside (dry clear)

Further details to enhance the Planetary Sensor Array is some round rings and discs cut from .010 plastic styrene sheet.

Next the Phaser Emitters where removed and set aside. I can use them again later after the Phaser Emitter Array is painted and marked with a decal.

The appearance of the models is further enhanced by removing and prescribing the radial raised panel lines of the Primary Hull. The raised lines are sanded down smooth and rescribed with a Squadron Shop panel scribing tool run aside a flexible straight edge.

More detail is added to the bottom of the Warp Engines using small .010 pieces of plastic stock.

The model is now hooked up electrically and glued together with white glue for a lighting and function test.

Model is now test lighted in dark room conditions at full power. A 6 volt 700ma AC adaptor is used as a power source.

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