On The Bench 282: Scott Beckmann’s C-3PO


I was cleaning my garage last week and came across my original C3PO model form 1977. He was in a terrible state and I decided to do a restoration. Luckily, in 1977 I only had gloss black paint, otherwise I may have done a lot more damage to this kit. I apparently used that cheap “non-sniff” glue that was what mom’s wanted back then. Fortunately it did not adhere well and the kit basically fell apart over time. When cleaning the old glue residue it had basically turned to dust.


After disassembling most of the kit I re-glued pieces using clamps and clothes pins. Then used Squadron green putty to close most of the seams.


On the pelvic area I had to use epoxy putty to form the contours of the piece. The original kit did not line up very well and needed a lot of sanding and filling.


In the end, I was able to achieve a near seamless look. As a kid I built all the Star Wars kits when they came out. I found several in this treasure box buried in my garage. You can see the Darth Vader bust in some of the pics. That will be my next venture. That kit had no glue or paint on it. I am really looking forward to bringing him back to life as well.

Scott Beckmann

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