On The Bench 275: Robert Martino’s Polar Lights Jupiter 2

This is a submission from 2004 that was never posted to the site.


I’m currently working on scratch building the interior for a Polar Lights J2. Armed with only an X-acto knife, Dremel and lots and lots of plastic sheet, strip, tube, angles and all other available stock from Plastruct, I’ve been working on this on and off for quite a while now.

The beams, sub-ceiling units, elevator cage and consoles are built totally from scratch, and while I chose to keep the stock wall units and deck, I have heavily modified them. I’m planning to use a variety of lighting products to light the beams, all of the various consoles and panels, and back-light the walls.

Inspired by the CultTVman “Ultimate J2” book, I also plan on building this model so that it can be displayed in all three modes: in-flight, crash site, and landing gear deployed. I have a long way to go …


Robert Martino

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