On The Bench 268: Eric Voorhees’ Reliant


This is my completed build of an original-issue AMT/Ertl U.S.S. Reliant Kit. She’s OOB with modifications for lighting. I worked on this fairly regularly from May 12 to September 2, 2014.

Lighting was accomplished with Easy LED Cool White strips purchased from the CultTVman store for the window openings I drilled out and Blue EasyLED’s for the warp engines. Foil tape was used to prevent light leaks through the hull, and Testor’s Model Master Gunship Gray was used around windows and seams (pics 8 and 9). I actually found the gray to cut down light leaks better than my Model Master Flat Black – go figure…

The model was then painted flat white with Valspar rattle-cans, coated with Valspar gloss clear, then decaled over the entire hull with Carlos Zangrando’s excellent free Reliant decals printed on inkjet decal paper. After decaling, the entire model was sealed with several coats of Valspar flat clear, then a final single coat of satin clear was applied. I also built a custom base that provides power via a 9-volt battery  and a custom “light-pipe” to make the impulse engines brighter

Eric Voorhees

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