On The Bench 264: Massimo Sora’s large X-Wing


I think this is the most detailed model among the Revell-Germany’s  Easykits and is very suitable to be customized.  This model is very large, it is 435 mm long.  You need to use glue or model can come apart.

I put a electronic circuit into the model for flickering engine leds with control trimmer.  In the cockpit i have used fibers optic and auto-flashing leds.  The auto-flashing leds are inexpensive and do not require electronic circuits, I used only the resistors for power supply to 12v.  To enter the cockpit with the lights I had to cut some “internal bulkheads” of the fuselage and bend the optical fiber with hot air from a hair dryer.

During the difficult closure of the fuselage (with glue) I think that some of the wires of the circuit are disconnected because now work only three of five LEDs. Missing a yellow and a green. Maybe this is better because otherwise the cockpit looked like a Christmas tree.

See the Completed Model

Massimo Sora

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