On The Bench 263: Stuart Forrester’s Refit Enterprise


I have chosen to try and reproduce the refit Enterprise in her livery from Star Trek: the Motion Picture before ILM matted her down for the Wrath of Khan. I have never liked the “A” paint job done by ILM. I have used Jacquard Pearl Ex powder mixed with Tamiya clear with an expo airbrush. The colours used are interference red, green, blue and gold.  The base colour is Tamiya Matt TS27 Matt White spray ( which I don’t I recommend ). You may see from the pictures it requires frequent touching up.  I have tried to copy each panel that has been photographed ( unfortunately most reference photos are black and white of the original livery) and done a lot of squinted at paused scenes from the movie to try and get her as close as possible. This is an infuriatingly tedious process!  When she is finished ( a long way off ) I aim to do a 1:350 cutaway. I look at the paint job of the Ertl one I have exhibited on this site for nearly 10 years now and cringe!

Stuart Forrester

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  1. Update. I may have to abandon this attempt. Whatever you do do NOT use Tamiya sprays for the base white on this. They changed the formula a few years back which means that a) it is not matt b) it comes off and c) never cures properly. It feels like rubber and certainly doesn’t harden. It doesn’t even adhere to Tamiya primer! A real shame as it used to be great years ago.

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