On The Bench 262: Mitch Leslie’s Refit Enterprise

Here is another from the unpublished archives….




I got the model kit from Polar Lights of the 1:350 scale USS Enterprise.  I  thought “cool and wowzers,”as any Star Trek fan would.  I opened the box up and discovered something unique — it was blue!  So youu would think I said “double wowzers!”  I came to find out through inquiries that it is a rare kit only so many were done.

From the beginning I opted not to paint the kit.  How can I ruin such a beauty with paint?

I found out you have to assemble warp drive struts separately to get them to fit the way they should or it has gaps.

Aside from that, and letting half the smaller windows fly half way across the room by bouncing on the floor, it was a pretty easy kit to build.

Mitch Leslie

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