On The Bench 258: Michael Cothern’s Jupiter 2


This is my Moebius Jupiter 2 kit with Moebius light kit. I was surprised how easy and rather quickly this kit went together.  Minimum modification required for light kit instillation. A few points of contention that one should know going into this build that might solve a few fit/finish issues. On the first “freezing station”, meaning the one closest to the now of the ship. Having the LED under the tubes makes for a challenge due to the fitting of the floor over that landing bay. What I did was to grind out a small trench for the wiring and light blocked it. Made for a more secure fit for the floor. Also, the light kit instructions say to put the on/off switch right at the tip of the bay, don’t do this unless you want to see the tip of the switch. I moved mine back towards the center of the model about a half an inch.  And as for placement of the “fusion core” led board, stack and hot-glue four pennies together and then to the board to make a secure, stable, and level mount for the board. The instructions say use a part that is in my book, inadequate.  The pictures I have are of my model not quite complete yet, so please forgive the loose wire and light leaks, those will be taken care of!

Michael Cothern

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