On The Bench 253: Vincent Pascual’s Miranda Class Starship

I chose the Reliant but “changed it up” a bit. I did some kitbashing using the Reliant main body and the Rio Grande Runabout struts and nacelles and sensor assembly.

It is,overall, finished, but I still need to add decals, which I need to get custom one from JT-Graphics. I have the name and registry number that I will be using.

1. I cut a small portion from the starboard and portside aft to attach the Runabout struts.

2. I also fabricated a pedestal, if you will, that would support the sensor assembly, which in my book, would be the new torpedo – phaser – sensor assembly. I used styrene sheets to do this then I cut some parts from the Runabout kit and glued them on the pedestal.

3. Painting the clear parts, I used Testors spray paint and painted the backsides. I was thinking a using some type of glow in the dark spray paint, but decided against it.

It’s not perfect, but I thought I’d share “my creation” with the rest of you Star Trek fans. I went with the Reliant because if you’ve watched TNG or DS9, you can see that the Miranda Class has always participated in every major battle. Maybe the Mirandas didn’t have what the newer starships had but, nonetheless, the Mirandas were in the thick of every battle. That says a lot for these tough little ships.

So, this is my version of a modernized Miranda class to keep them on par with the rest of the starships, not to mention, the enemies’ starships. Again, she’s not completely done – I still have to add the Aztec templates, decals and some weathering.

Vincent Pascual


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  1. Absolutely love what you’ve done with this model, and was wondering if any more pics of it were available. I am going to try and make one of these and would love to see more of it! 🙂

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