On the Bench 234: Agatha Chamberlain’s AMT Refit Enterprise

I’ve been digging through the backlog of material submitted to the site and pulled out this bench project from Agatha Chamberlain

I haven’t had a look at it (the Polar Lights kit) yet. I’m still finishing  up on the ERTL Refit Enterprise kit. As you can see, I am working on both versions and making  he first movie Enterprise showing her destruction. The saddle and forward panel markings are my own decal artwork. That’s what brought about the necessity of diagraming the differences between the two ships.

The intense blue details of the actual film miniature are intended to translate on film as greys and metallics. I may just paint the next kit with a metallic base rather that light grey. I’ve redone the saddle decals so they are less intense.

Agatha Chamberlain

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