On The Bench 232b: Peter Hutton’s Gerry Anderson Projects


Here are some photos of models that are still on the bench.

Joe 90 Flying Car — New photos getting there. This has been a nightmare model to build. As you can see on the photo, I have built all the main parts now just some tidying up left and then its ready to be molded.

The Shado Mobile — This has also moved on since the last photo I sent. It still needs some little shaping on the area that the grill mesh sits in. Apart from that, its ready to be molded as well.

The Explosive truck — This is part molded now. The main body is waiting for it’s rubber jacket to be layed up. The photo show all the wheels and the chin part cast in resin, along with the suspension parts.

The 44 inch Eagle i have started — here is the what will be the beak. It still needs a little shaping at the rear of it, then the panels will be applied over the top .

My SPV — Just started. The photo show the outline glued to the base and all the parts are built up from this.

Peter Hutton


  1. Peter,

    Awesome work!!! Pleas email me to dicuss Gerry Anderson props and replicas.


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