On The Bench 230c: Bill Early’s Space 1999 Glider


Here are the Space 1999 gliders that I’m working on. These are in scale with the 23 inch Replica’s Unlimited Eagle that I did up a while back. Should look pretty cool on top of it. IN the first shot, all the basic build up is done, just the old putty, sand, prime, repeat routine now. A few details yet to put on just before painting.

In the second photo, they’re ready for the last coat of primer. Only thing left is a small tube on the aft end, installed after final painting.

Last are the pictures of the finished gliders. They are to scale with the 22 or 23 inch Eagles, about 12 inches long. One has a set of landing skids. This one is for a good friend of mine who has yet to get an Eagle. The flash made the colors come out a little more garish than they really are.

Bill Early

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  1. Bill,

    Awesome work!!! Please email me to discuss Space1999 props and replicas.


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