On the Bench 227: LW Mahalak’s Viper



Thought you might be interested in seeing my current project. I wanted to build a Mk. IV Viper that was in proportion to my stock Mk. I already completed. So… after studying the sketches, photos, and whatnot I have on the Mk. IV, I decided the best method of construction would be to cannibalize another Mk. I. Here’s the progress so far. Forward fuselage is about 90% complete, the aft section is just in mock-up form at the moment. Materials used are the aforementioned Mk. I kit, 1/2 inch blue Styrofoam insulation board, 1/2 inch and 2 inch bead board, two-part epoxy, microballoons, West System 410 Microlight Faring Filler, Bondo glazing putty, along with styrene sheet and tube.

The cockpit is fully detailed (save the ejection seat… not built yet), and the canopy was custom built from .020 styrene with a clear styrene backing for the “glass”. The main guns are styrene tubes grafted to the back of the stock Turbolasers, and the secondary guns are simply the forward half of the Turbolasers recessed into the fuselage.

Anyway, she’s still got a long way to go before she’s completed. However, you can begin to see the lines of the Viper Mk. IV, and her Mk.I heritage.

L. W. Mahalak, III

Continued in On The Bench 230

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