On The Bench 224a: Ward Shrake’s Dark Star part 2

Ward Shrake’s Dark Star part 1 appeared in On The Bench 221.


I’m sending two additional pics to go with the other ones I had sent in before.

Photo 7: An RTV rubber mold of the Bomb #20 rear panel. Before I cast this, I modified the back panel by cutting off the upper and lower “cap” portions of the other kit parts, so that I could make a clear or translucent casting with few seams to worry about, where all the important texture is. By doing this, the seams move to non-critical model areas.

Photo 8: Here is the same plaster mold seen in the other pics, except painted (a random color) with spray paint, to seal all of the plaster’s pores. I then used petroleum jelly to “wax” the mold halves, and spread Bondo auto body filler into each half; then put more, and joined the halves. This “Bondo casting” is very crude right now — I have not even cleaned it up, or touched up any defects yet — but when it gets further along, it will be a model I can recontour by adding more Bondo filler, and when it comes time, by taking a bench sander to it, to reshape it more correctly. When it matches my blueprints in outline, from various views; and I know the contours are also correct, then I’ll pull the new contour maps off of that 1/4 studio scale model, so I can draw them up in full Studio Scale, for my next blueprints.

Photo 9: Here’s one in-progress pic of the current state of the rear third of my thirty-six inch “studio scale” replica. This whole Dark Star thing has been eeking its way towards completion since early 2002: counting from the first time I built my first (1:4 Studio Scale) DS model using the “blueprints” found in 1970’s magazines and/or John Carpenter’s site. But I’ve learned a boatload during that time. My confidence levels are oodles and scads higher than they once were … not only on building stuff, but on drawing up plans *to* build stuff. It has me wanting to run out to the garage to scratch-build nearly every cool vehicle design I see in pictures!

To be continued…

Ward Shrake

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  1. Excellent work Ward. FYI, the back of Talby’s space suit is made from the styrofoam packing molds that came with my girlfriend’s best friend Melissa’s new Sony TV back in the early 70s. When I saw them I said, “Don’t throw those away. Give them to me.” I then passed them on to Dan O’Bannon. The next time I saw them was at the world premiere. I nearly fell out of my seat laughing.

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