On The Bench 223a: Matt Goldman’s HAL-9000



Two pictures of the partially completed HAL-9000 faceplate I’m working on. Oh and that’s my living room furniture, not my workbench. Once I get finished, this will be a network monitoring tool, as I’ve dissembled an Ambient Orb ™

I’ve activated the developer’s channel for the Ambient Orb ™, so I’m busy coding up the system monitors. The hard part is to decide what I want monitored and what color will represent what.

The kit I purchased was all opaque, so I recast the lens piece in a translucent sparkly color. (Got to love the technical description, eh?) I mounted the electronics from the Ambient Orb ™ in a round plastic hockey puck protector case and used a couple of layers of plastic shopping bags to improve the


To improve the look of HAL’s grid, I’m drilling them out. My plan is to putblack felt behind the grill after it is painted. You can see in the photos that about half of the holes are drilled out. I should get to painting it ‘real soon now’.

The neat thing about the Ambient Orb ™ circuitry is that I only need a wall power supply, the transfer of data to the orb is over the pager network.

Matt Goldman

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