On The Bench 217d: Phil Giuta’s Kronos One

I would like to submit this picture of my in progress Kronos One from Star Trek VI.

This is the ERTL K’Tinga kit with some added pieces both scratch built from sheet styrene and from the MPC TIE Interceptor kit.

The most noticeable TIE Interceptor pieces are on the “head” above the bridge and along the center of the neck. The white pieces of sheet styrene are on the front and back corners of the main hull and forward of the impulse deck.

This is not only my first attempt at Kronos One, but my first ever ERTL K’Tinga! I had never built this kit until now. I am having fun dressing this up as Gorkon’s ship rather than the average dark green cruiser.

The base color of Testor’s Flat Gull Gray is much lighter than the studio model but I think is resembles more how it looked on screen. The detail colors include Testors Acryl British Crimson, Dark Earth ANA, Gunmetal Gray, Euro Gray I, Camoflauge Gray and enamel Bright Brass.

Phil Giunta

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