On the Bench 213: Antonio Gervasoni’s Jupiter 2


I’m actually building my own J2 model using just cardboard (normal and 1mm compressed modeling cardboard), wood, glue, spray paint, modeling paint and some scratch. It’s been months of drawings, studying hundreds of pics from your website and I’m actually half the process in building the model.

It’s 24 cm in diameter (aprox. 9 1/2 inches) and is in 1/100 scale (1mm = 1 meter). It’s really tiny for a cardboard model so you can imagine how difficult it is to make the various details. I have redesigned some things and adjusted dimensions here and there so that the model is based in a more human scale. Basically this means that the saucer has increased it’s size while the detalis have shrinked in order to keep the same proportions with the human figures. I’ve made this because I wanted to include detalis such as the Space Pod and the Charriot, which cannot be done using the normally accepted dimensions.

Antonio Gervasoni

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