On The Bench 211B: Mike Aucutt’s Galactica



Here’s a few more photos of Mike Aucutt’s Battlestar Galactica. This was last seen a few months ago.

Well after finding some decent reference material and a few sleepless nights I decided to gut and re-build the bow and engine section. I feel the overall look of the Battlestar is now much closer to studio scale. The landing bay pylons are still about 1/4 inch too wide but I can live with that. I plan to light the ship with some old Star Trek fiber optics lights. Among the many reasons to live in Iowa is that I am only 50 miles away from the AMT/Ertl plant and discount store. I have not been there in a while but you could go in and buy Star Trek and Star Wars models for $2-3 dollars each. Thats were I picked up my supply of fiber optic lights.

I have been playing with building 1/4 inch viper models to place behind an acetate “window” in the landing bay..1/4 inch leaves little room for detail.

With the additional sheet plastic this project is still under $100.00. However I have yet to start detailing the bottom of the ship.




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