On The Bench 210: Marc King’s PL Refit Enterprise 5

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Marc King continues this project started just a couple weeks ago…

Well here it is, paint is finished and now on to the decals next. I applied the aztec templates over the primary hull, which was first painted flat white. Next I sprayed Testors silver, lightly misted, followed by another light misting of grey primer. Once this was dry I removed the templates and oversprayed the whole area with the flat white to essentially bury the aztec pattern and mesh it into the hull. The templates took about 4hrs to apply and remove, not fun, but well worth the effort.

Next I masked off the other areas that needed blues, greys, etc. and painted those. The smaller details like the phaser banks and outer rim thrusters were just painted by hand.

I followed this by assembling the primary hull to the secondary hull with thick CA dropped into the holes that correspond to the pins. There is a very nice natural fit to these parts which is quite surprising and most welcomed.

As you can see I am using the stand that came with the kit, which is also very good, and provides a stable place for the Big E to rest on. I will be painting this as well, in a darker color, maybe black or metalizer metal paint.

This isn’t over yet, but let me tell you, this is no small feat. I’ve made some mistakes and it’s not perfect and I’ll definitely be spending more time on the next one. Stay tuned for the finally!

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Marc King's Polar Lights Refit Enteprise
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