On The Bench 208: Marc King’s PL Refit Enterprise 3

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More from Marc King on building the new refit Enterprise from Polar Lights.

These next shots show some of the worst offenders, as far as seams are concerned. Mainly the one that runs along the sides of the engineering hull where the top part meets up with the bottom. Also the inside section where the pylons intersect with the top of the engineering hull, of particular note the rounded edge that sweeps towards the back of the connection. The rear portion below the bay area was also a problem. Some of the seams I left out rather than rescribe because these can be dealt with during the painting stages.

The rear shot of the bridge section shows that I had to add a small strip of styrene along the bottom of the docking port part, 0.030″ thick, which is a significant gap this then allows the part to sit flush with the deck.

A few people have asked about what types of materials I’m using for the construction so here it is. I use mainly Ambroid Pro Weld liquid cement and a shot of thin super glue here and there with the accelerator. Some of the more stubborn connections were held tight by using clamps and elastics till the glue was set. I also used some quick set 2 part epoxy to strengthen the connection where the pylons meet the engineering hull. If there’s anything else feel free to ask.

The last shots show where I’ve sprayed the secondary hull and pylons, which are not yet attached, with flat white. This flat white paint is just the base coat and was purchased from Wal-Mart, no name special. I used most of the can on this step, so you’ll need 2 to finish the saucer. I’ll be leaving this set up for a few days before I put the masks on for the final painting steps.

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