On The Bench 207: Marc King’s PL Refit Enterprise 2

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Marc King continues his build up of the Polar Lights refit Enterprise.

Here’s a few more photos of the progress on the Big E. Everything pretty much goes together fairly easy, but there are some nasty seams to deal with afterwords. There isn’t one area in particular that’s any worse than others, but some of the small raised detailing does get in the way of sanding and I recommend simply eliminating that in the process and replacing it after.

You can see in the the photos of the warp nacelles what I mean. In the before and after shots, the small detail on the back, sides and bottom was replaced, after I cleaned up the seam, with 0.020″ by 0.010″ and 0.020″ by 0.040″ strip styrene. One good idea is to make yourself a diagram of the area or take a photo and simply use this as a guide when replacing the detail after the sanding process.

I’ve finished the engineering hull section and warp nacelles and there both primed so now I’m moving on to the saucer.

The other photos show a description of how I replaced the window openings in the Botany section and areas of the saucer. I marked the openings and used strip styrene to designate the window panes.

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