On the Bench 206: Marc King’s Polar Lights Refit Enterprise part 1


In this week’s On the Bench, Marc King brings us a look at the Polar Lights refit Enterprise

Well here are some photos of the Big E, and I do mean BIG! I had plans to light this thing but alas there is just not enough time, too many other things to finish and only 4 weeks to Wonderfest. I will no doubt be doing another at some point later on and will put more time into it.

There are a few small fit problems that I did encounter but nothing serious and nothing the average modeler shouldn’t be able to get right. Note also that I received a test shot for my build.

The “glass” (clear plastic) is not of much use at all if you are planning to light the model, areas that need attention are the lounge, botany section, and the aft cargo bay is really open to discussion. The clear parts might be useful for some small things and are definitely of use in the nacelles, but it’s just too thick for the above mentioned areas.

The cargo bay in particular will need some serious thought put into it if you’re intending to show it off. I will be using the new painting templates for the patterns and will fill you all in on that when I get there, hopefully next week sometime.

I may use the kit’s stand because of the weight of this model, you can see in the pictures that it’s sitting on a piece of brass tubing, there is a threaded rod running thru the center into the cavity of the engineering hull and through to the bottom of the stand. Everything is fastened together with bolts and washers. Even with this, once I added the saucer section it wanted to tip forward from the weight.

Overall my hat goes off to PL for putting this out, it really is a magnificent kit and for those who have waited a long time you won’t be disappointed.

More in part 2

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