On the Bench 201B: Richard Farrell’s Scorpio


This is a work in progress on a 16″ Scorpio from the final series of Blake’s 7 .The model is built totally from plasticard with some brass wire detailing. Thankfully no tricky techniques were needed on this model due to its flat faceted surface- just as well as I don’t know any – just needs a lot of perseverance. It is based on some very good drawings of the ship available from Horizon, but progress has been slow due to a lack of reference for detailing and paint schemes. I’m putting together the antenna & platform next ( having to use a bit of guesswork ), to be followed by filling and primer. Finally comes the crash course in airbrushing before attempting the paint job.


This model has been on my bench for, well, ages. It’s built up from plastic card and detailed with plastic and brass tube, approx. 16″ in length. The base of the antenna platform is the cap from a firework. Now I have virtually completed it and am in priming and sanding mode. I’ve also splashed out on an airbrush to finish the job properly !

Richard Farrell

See the completed model

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  1. Richard,

    I would love to see perhaps a close-up of the mid-section if possible. The engine module seems to have a bit of an opening where it meets the snout? I never knew that gap was there. Your research is top-drawer. I see things in the model I never noticed on the show. Great work man!



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