On The Bench 187b: Marc King’s Mockingbird Lane

I’ve been reposting a number of the old On The Bench pages, and tonight I came upon this one.   Back in 2004, Marc King built a pattern for 1313 Mockingbird Lane, which was produced as a resin kit by Creature Arts.   Given that Moebius Models is producing a very similar kit, you might find this old archive post from 2004 to be quite fascinating.   

Here are pics of the Munster house in progress, all the walls are complete except for the little back room and porch at the rear. Many sources were used to accomplish this finished look, there were aerial shots from the Universal Studios backlot, as well as front shots of what the house looks like now and then during the taping of the show. I also incorporated some inspiration from the TV Homes book that showed what the interior of the house might have looked like had it been for real.

Next comes the roof pieces, as you can see I made up one of each of the individual windows then cast however many I needed to fill in, all the pieces interlock and have locating pegs at the base of the walls that correspond to holes in the floor of the base

For constructing the cupola I started with an octagon piece of styrene the same size as the base, then I cut one smaller about half the size and elevated it up from the bottom piece using a section of styrene tube. Next I cut out 8 pieces with the corresponding profile and attached these between the two plates. Atop this I added the cone shape that I vacuformed.

All of the dimensions were based on studying the drawings and photos and were approximated. This basic shape gave me the structure I needed to add the textured sheet panels to, much like a real house would be constructed then roofed over. The little peak piece is just a styrene rod shaped. For the rails I used U channel styrene, marked off the hole centers every 2/32″ then drilled them out.

A section was cut for the top and bottom plates, then I added randomly cut “dowels” of styrene rod to form the raillings. Once everything was squared up I glued everything together, after it dried I just cut off the excess and sanded the top and bottom plates smooth.

These are photos of the almost completed Munster house. I’ve just finished the roof sections and have some decorative trim work to add yet, as well as a few windows in the back kitchen portion and the front porch. All in all I feel that I’ve achieved the right look. There’s alot of plastic in this little model let me tell ya!! I’ve engineered the whole thing to sort of snap together. There’s no glue or tape holding anything together in the photos.

Marc King



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