On The Bench 181b: Mike Anderson’s K-19 Space Station

Mike Anderson shows us a new project that he has been working on. This is a variation on the K-7 Space Station featured in Star Trek’s Trouble with Tribbles.

Lately I’ve enjoyed seeing other peoples scratch builds where they combine different portions of various Star Trek and Star Wars ships in some very ingenious ways to create some exciting new designs. Not wanting to use my limited number of kits for anything other than what I already have intended for them, I had a few other kits that made me think of something different, a space station.

Years ago I did drawings of what a K-7 style space station would look like in the more detailed TMP and beyond Trek universe. I had on hand a Testors Area 51 ‘sport model’ flying saucer model and thought how reminiscent the bottom half was of the ST III Space Dock. The project was born and a years long passive hunt was on for parts that would fit the station idea.

One important criteria was that it use no existing Star Trek kits. The only issue I had with others scratch builds was that I could recognize all the parts used from the various kits and knew that some of them were out of scale with each other.

I’m calling this space station ‘K-19’ (After the Russian sub). I have a thing for corny tie-ins like this. I also have an Excelsior class called the USS Discovery NCC-2001. K-19 is the last of the ‘K’ style space stations and the immediate predecessor to the Federation space dock orbiting earth.

The model has the same proportions between the primary saucer and the secondary saucers as that of the K-7 giving the model a 2 foot radius for each arm. Underneath is an aluminum armature giving quite rigid support to the arms and the body of the station. The model combines design elements from three Trek space stations. Obviously the K-7 and Space dock, it also incorporates elements from the ‘office’ complex station from TMP in the form of a botanical garden.

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