On The Bench 180b: Steve McGovern’s Batmobile


I started with the Jimmy Flintstone Batmobile kit. The body in this kit is excellent, but having built them all, the frame honestly sucked. The Caped Custom has a better frame, but I wanted a realistic frame with a V-8 (because we all know the original cars didn’t have a turbine in them anyway!)

I used a frame from a 1968 Roadrunner, notched the fenderwalls, did a V-cut into the flor of the chassis, squared off the gas tank, and put in a plate to match up the V in the body to the V on the frame.

I had to heat the front frame rails and stretch the front end a bit to get the proper length, cut and removed the sub frame supports and made new ones. I used the firewall and fender wheels from the Roadrunner, after cutting and trimming them to fit. The engine is a Plymouth Hemi, but i used Ford Cylinder heads and valve covers to make it look more like a Ford engine.

I used rear turn signal lenses I had in a big old parts box to make the “glass lights” on the arch, and it is coming along quite nicely.

See the finished model

Steve McGovern

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