On the Bench 164c: Joel Tavera’s Refit Enterprise

This was first seen in On The Bench 157

Here is the Norstar Starship in all it’s half assembled glory! Look at the table top landmarks, like C batteries and tape, for size comparison of the 4 foot model.

This pic shows the saucer with the white primer/base coat and the portions of the B/C deck prepainted. Off to the right on the saucer is the bridge prepainted and wired for lights. Note the hole for the blue LED of the Impulse power crystal.

Next is the lower saucer interior, painted black for reduction of light leakage. All windows drilled and filed out with the LED’s installed at various strategic locations. To the right you will see the prepainted and prewired lower dome. Below that on another shelf is the Deflector collar.

Thank you “Mr. Model know it all” AKA David Merriman. The model builder extrordinaire goaded me into taking chances. As in doing the sacrilegious act of cutting off the fantail of the secondary hull to insert a scratchbuilt shuttlebay that the customer requested. It irks me no end that my friend David is right all the time.

Here is the interior attached to the fantail end all wired and ready for insertion into the opening of the secondary hull and final attachment. Note the lower dome. See the batteries and scotch tape for size comparisons.

Primered and partial assembly of the port nacelle and pylon. See the light coming from the other side of the clear insert? Note the two pieces of the deflector dish. All of these pieces have been predrilled and awaiting the light strips and the flashing circuits for the LED’s.

Sorry, these are the best pics I could take of the interior of the lower dome, the outside of the prewired shuttlebay and the botanical garden. Yellow and white LED’s are used solely here Although you can’t see it due to the masking, the windows above the shuttlebay opening are there with red LED’s behind them. You will also see the Plastruct fluorescent rods to be used to help carry interior illumination to the porthole in the final stage of assembly.

This is a very nice large kit. If any one of you gets one make sure you go slow in assembly and don’t rush it. Do your research and you will have a great kit in the end.

The completed model can be seen in the Modeling Star Trek section

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