On the Bench 164b: Orne Montgomery’ HMS Vulcan and Skyclipper Li

Composited scans of the HMS Vulcan (concept for a prototype British fast attack boat) is the PL Seaview kit with modified deck and stern fins, and one of the early test shots – bow-section, sail, and exhaust ports – for my Vulcan conversion set for the Seaview. Still haven’t weathered/finished the paint at this point.

Skyclipper Li ™ is the hypersonic aircraft from my on-line comic-book, “Draco Chronicles: Rebellions” ™

This is the prototype for the 1/72 scale (24″) resin/vacform kit ; the photos are being used to create a CGI version that will be incorporated in the book itself

On the Bench 164c: Joel Tavera's Refit Enterprise
On the Bench 164a: JR Aiello's Klingon ship