On The Bench 160b: John Martin’s Millennium Falcon


Here are the “in progress” shots of my Millennium Falcon. I know that the pictures are not that great, but they do give an idea of the modifications I have made:

  • Scratchbuilt new sidewalls with detail that matches (almost) the 32 inch studio model.
  • Changed the overall shape by building a large plastic tube that pushes the top hull away from the bottom.
  • Scratchbuilt new docking arms and docking rings.
  • Scratchbuilt new cockpit and cockpit access tube.
  • Scratchbuilt new gun wells.
  • Scratchbuilt forward landing gear housings, and widened the aft landing gear housing.
  • Detailed the upper and lower hulls, and rebuilt the sensor dish.

Not all of this can be seen in the pictures I provided (for example, I haven’t installed the new cockpit yet), but I hope that they give an idea of the progress I am making.

John Martin

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