On The Bench 134b: Gil Brumana’s Superswift

From Gil Brumana we get an update on his Superswift from Space:1999. Gil first showed us images of this back in November 2000

The resin copy of the carved wood CM nearing completion of detailing.

Front view showing window detailing and kit detailing parts on the nose and underside.

The complete detailing on the landing gear. Prior to painting.

Underside detail of landing gear.

Kit bits being added to the main body of the model.

More detail to the engine section.

Some of the detail parts taken from an Airfix 1/24th scale Harrier kit, (the original kit used to detail the original model from the series) and one of the molds made for the replication of multiple parts. The original miniature was detailed using 10 or 12 of these kits. Easy and relatively cheap to find back in 1974, but very hard to find and expensive today. Thankfully Airfix just rereleased the kit recently and as long as I can get one or two of them the job can get done.

A close-up of some of the parts, glued to their backing.

Here is the Airfix lit in it’s rerelease box art. These kits run anywhere from $70.00 to $100.00. Another good reason to only get one or two.

The CM attached to the body with clamp detailing complete.

Engine section complete and being painted. Paint is Rust Primer, a good match to the original color.


Up next will be the main color and paneling. Then I start on the decaling and striping before weathering.

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