On the Bench 13: Joe Brown’s Whitestar

Joe Brown  returns this week with his scratchbuilt Whitestar.


I built a maquette of the White Star mainly to see what kind of problems I would have with a larger effort. The Shadow vessel is just something that I’m playing with as I’m waiting for other glued parts to set.

This was sort of a model of a model to help me gauge how hard it would be to build the big model of the White Star.

Here’s a top shot of the White Star– it quickly showed me that I needed to work on the forward hull sides and improve the shape of the top/rear wing.


My ‘big’ White Star– I had located some great 3d meshes on the web for LightWave (which I don’t have & can’t afford); but my Adobe Photoshop printed the meshes out nice & large, so I trimmed them out, taped them together, and traced it out onto blue foam.

This is with the foam cut out in the pattern from the mesh.

This is the paper template for the forward lower wing, with a foot-long metal ruler across the fuselage, at right angles to the 18″ ruler.

This shows the upper & lower wing templates in their proper positions.

Here’s what I cut the wing from–more bird-seed cans!

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