On The Bench 112c: Gil Brumana’s Super Swift

I thought you would enjoy seeing what I’ve got working on my work bench.

It’s a full size replica of the Super Swift studio miniature from the Space:1999 year 2 episode.. ” The Bringers of Wonder ”

I am recreating it, the same way the original model was built, using tubing and dome shapes from Plastruct, brass tubing from K&S, plexiglass and Jelutong wood for the Command Module.

The craft has taken me about 5 months to get it to this point. Silver soldering the brass frame work and hand carving the Command Module.

The main engine bells you see in these photos are turned from aluminum. They make for a very impressive display even with the model partially complete. I estimate I have about another 2 months to go before I have it completed. I will be back with more on it then.

Continued in On The Bench 134b

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