On The Bench 102a: John Ovington’s Defiant

from 2000

First up this week is the Defiant from John Ovington.

I’ve wondered if anyone who has worked up a Defiant will recognize the stage I’m in by the Top View photo, and perhaps feel kinship.

Most of the inaccurate superfluous detail has been removed.  The layout of the raised panel work has been corrected (sometimes re-corrected) and scribed.  The nose needed quite a lot of line reworking just to get the NCC number to fit correctly. Red areas in the photos show filling with Acryl-Red automotive glazing putty.  It sands easily and doesn’t shrink under solvent based paint.

Poorly molded corrugated or ribbed details have been replaced with various sizes of Evergreen sheet.  The “turn signals” at the top/ back of the warp engines have been shortened.  The double decked lip, 3/4 around the outside front of big bridge ring, has been removed and filled (see Front View).  Descending interior rings around the bridge have been filled and eased over.  Windows have all be cut out in the lower hull half for lighting.  All engine related vents in the top have been opened up for lighting as well.

The Bridge has been removed to be replaced with a shorter more accurate version.   Gap behind deflector module has been opened up for deeper reveal work.  Weapons modules have been removed for more interesting/detailed re-connection.     Seen in upper right of Front View are my RTV molds made for casting the main deflector and the bussard scoops.

More as she comes along.

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