Oliver Lorenz’ Enterprise E



I’ve built the Nemesis Version 1/1400 Enterprise E from AMT with the conversion parts from Starcrafts.  Originally I wanted to build a custom Mirror Universe version of the Enterprise E. I already had designed the mirror decals whose design fitted those included with Starcrafts ISS Titan. But when I tried to apply them I recognized that they didn’t came out how I wanted them to. So I decided to stick the original version of the ship. For this mirror ship wanted the additional weapons of the E’s Nemesis version. To make this possible I had to use the conversion parts from Starcrafts and the Aztec decal sheet from Acreation Models. Building it was way more work than I expected because the conversion part which belongs to the main shuttle bay doesn’t fit the AMT model very good. But with some work, patience and advice from my good friend Paul King of DefiantModelCreations I managed to build this ship pretty well I think. Enjoy!

Oliver Lorenz

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