Odie Smedley’s Droid Tank


My husband, Odie Smedley,  he saw a tan droid tank being featured on your site. He said the first thought that came to his mind was “I would love to challenge that.”

Back in 2004 when Katrina hit, the only model shop in the area was submerged in flood water. Even though we live in WNC, the rains were rough, keeping people from leaving their houses if they lived up high, and taking away many other people’s homes, schools, work, I think even one whole town got lost because of the flooding. So when Odie was finally able to get back to the shop, so were the employees and owner. Inside a plastic bag covered with mud was this one kit. It had no box, no instructions, no decals because of the water. They gave it to him with the challenge to make it into something nice without the decals.

He had no internet access to look up the instructions and just went at it by feel. I believe one close-up shows the rose he worked into the dark stripes. That was dedicated to a dear friend, and the smiley face on the back was just out of play. You can also see the set of antennas he made out of old parts trees (these two not as good as if he’d actually tried). When he brought it back to the shop it stayed on display for a couple weeks and lost the original antennas because of kids checking it out, so he’s had to make new ones because of that, friends, and myself accidentally snapping them off.

Because he didn’t like the tan, he decided to try his hand at something a bit different. Then he got to wondering what was the most feared tank of WWII? He calls it the Arctic Kitten because it reminded him of the real Tiger 2 tank from WWII that was also called the Snow Tiger at the battle of Kirsk. It’s one of his favorite rescues.

Adrianne and Odie Smedley

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