Mike Earnest’s Jedi Starfighter


I decided to build this kit on a far departure from the ones I’ve seen on Culttvman.

First I decided to paint the entire kit. The Fine Molds kit is good, everything fits perfect, but the decals seemed a bit over the top for me. I have never seen so many decals in a kit before, and I’ve been building models off and on for 30 years.

I did an overall base cote of flat white spray paint right out of the can and then went back and masked off everything for the maroon/dark red look of the Jedi Fighter from the movie.

I sprayed out the fighter itself and then hand painted the hyper-drive section. Next I mixed jet exhaust, gun metal gray and the flat maroon/dark red paint along with a splash of paint thinner and dirty brushed the entire project. I used Model Master Clear Parts glue for the cockpit canopy, it turned out great.

I decided not to apply any decals until the project hangs and out-gases for a few months.

I really liked this kit, even watched a little Episode II while I finished it!

Mike Earnest

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